“What’s next?”

This is the question I have been asking myself over the past few weeks.  Not because I haven’t thought about it, but because there is just too much to do.  So many directions I could turn, I’m constantly asking myself, “Which one would be the best use of my time and attention?” It is a difficult balance in giving a solid effort to my employer, quality time with my family, and the spiritual responsibility of my church.

For Riverdeep, the next task before us is to root Home Groups and begin the process of establishing a discipleship pipeline.  Far too many churches start with a gathering and hope that they will get the discipleship component figured out later.  However, that is a major problem.  The Great Commission says nothing about a gathering and everything about discipleship. While the two are not diametrically opposed, if we do not make discipleship a priority now, we will face an uphill battle in trying to make it happen without people viewing it as just another church program. From its infancy, we want discipleship to be a major part of the DNA of the work that God is doing among his people through this church.

Therefore, we will be starting Home Groups beginning the 2nd week of March.  We will begin with two groups in two different locations. Sunday mornings will consist of a group meeting downtown in our current location for singing, prayer, and study.  In addition, there will be another Home Group that meets out in the Bartlett area with the same format and goals, but it will meet on a week night.  Individually, each of these groups will start with a weekly meeting.  For now, both groups will gather together in corporate worship on the last Sunday of the month. While we are in the initial stages of building, this would be the healthiest rhythm until additional leadership has joined and is able to support a weekly corporate worship gathering.

Beginning in August, we’ll meet weekly in homes for small group discipleship and every week on Sunday for large group worship and teaching. Our current season is foundational for us as we become a family with deep commitments to one another.  This weekly small group rhythm allows us to celebrate the victories in each others’ lives, pray through the difficulties, and to find ways we can support and encourage at every opportunity.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of the content we went over during our three interest meetings.  Specifically, I will expand on the three tenants of the church vision (Deep Faith, Deep Relationships, & Deep Mission), as well as post a little information about the concept of Family and its important role in the discipleship context.

We have some exciting times ahead!



Written by Jody