It has been a discipline of self-control that has prevented me from publishing this prospectus before now!  Jessica and I are ecstatic to tell people about what God is doing and how He has guided us to where we find ourself today!

This prospectus is meant to help you gain a greater understanding of what the church planting (or more accurately, re-planting) effort will look like over the new few years.  I have embedded the prospectus below, but also provided links to a downloadable PDF as well as an EPUB format which is formatted for most tablet devices.  Both downloadable files can be viewed using eReader programs such as iBooks or Kindle.

One of the first things you will notice is the name change.  Beginning in January, Church on Edge will be known as Riverdeep Church.  This Sunday night we will provide a brief explanation of the name change, as well as discuss the future vision for the church. I previously posted about the Interest Meeting and have updated that post with the address for the meeting.  Children are welcome at the interest meeting.  We will have activities and supervision for them so the adults can engage and listen for what God is saying to them.

As stated previously, we are excited about the direction God is leading.  I hope you would prayerfully consider joining the work that God has begun in the city.  Over the next few months we will begin gathering both downtown and here in Bartlett to share life together and celebrate Christ and his goodness towards us.


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Written by Jody